With over twenty years experience fishing and diving in the off shore waters of Gladstone, we can offer you 7 day and 10 day charters to the reefs around the Capricorn Bunker Group , the Swains Reef and also as far as the Coral Sea.

The majority of our requested charters are for 7 days to the Swains Reef comprising of either fishing or spearfishing. However these activities can be enjoyed on the one charter if you wish. Over the years Booby Bird has become a very popular vessel with most of our clients re-booking their favourite week the following year. These charters are usually fully booked, although there are sometimes vacancies allowing for other keen fishermen to join them.

We also offer pre-organised fishing and spearfishing charters for guys and ladies who cannot get the minimum of 15 required to make up a full charter. We have 4 of these charters each year. It’s just a matter of deciding which dates suit you best, phoning the office staff to make your booking and sitting back and relaxing. It’s as easy as that! What a great opportunity to make some wonderful new friends. A few of our regular charters are made up of people who originally met this way.

Charters can be organised to suit everyone’s requirements, especially if you charter the whole vessel for yourself and your friends. We have a special offer in place as an incentive to an organiser of a whole group. Please ask us about this special offer when you submit your inquiry form.

Booby Bird is also a very useful research vessel. With well appointed  crane, large back deck  and diving platform. She has been used by International and Australian film crews for filming of documentaries on various sea life.




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